The DIY Web Design

If you are coming to this page because you recently purchased my book, great! Thank you for the purchase. I have been working hard lately to create the step-by-step process for you to learn how to create your own website.

As of this time, the steps are still in progress. What I have done is create a sample page. You can see that here:

The link above will bring you to a web page created all in html code, with just a little extra code. All that can be done by a person with minimal experience in web design.

Best of all, everything that you will learn, you can adapt in thousands of different combinations to suit your needs. From layouts to fonts to colors to images, the combinations are endless.

Why is this site done in WordPress?

I thought you might be asking yourself that question. I have gone full circle from learning the basics to html to then learning how to create a WordPress site, just to realize that you can get the professional look of a WP site without the need of all that extra coding.

Plus I have spent countless hours trying and testing various WP themes. I found out that it wasn’t the right fit for my needs. So I went back to the drawing board. Worked on what fit my needs. And realized that others must have had the same frustrations.

After I build the steps so that you can build your own website, I will take this site down and put up my own site that I will build in html.

If you sign up on this website, I will keep you posted to my progress.

WP Frustrations

I am not happy with the header image. I tried to change but the change doesn’t take place. Plus the header is too tall for me, but that isn’t something that can be changed in here. I tried a different theme, but nothing seems to fit what I want. The only real solution is to build a site from scratch, outside of WP.

For something quick and dirty, maybe WP fits the bill. But for the DIY’er, WP doesn’t come close.

If you are ready to get started, go to my Web Design 101.

If you got here not from my book but was asking, “what book?”

Here is a link to my book, “How To Plan Out Your Web Design, The Plan Before The Plan”. It is a quick read and perfect to read before we start coding your website. Because if we do not plan things out beforehand, we could be wasting a lot of valuable time.