3 Steps On How To Start A Website

3 Steps On How To Start A Website

Step 1: Figure Out The Purpose Of The Website

What is the purpose of the website you want to build? Is it for a business you own? Do you want to create a blog of your life's adventures? Are you an author or musician and you want to promote your talents? Are you looking to build an online community, like a forum? Are you looking to create an eCommerce store for people to purchase your products?

Why do you need to know this before moving on? Because knowing the right direction for your website will help determine the next step. If you are just looking to write about your life's adventures or keep a journal or share your favorite recipes, then there are a couple of completely free resources you can use for your hosting account and domain name.

Step 2: Choose A Hosting Account and Domain Name

Here is an easy analogy for knowing the difference between a hosting account and a domain name. Imagine a domain name is a mobile home. And imagine a hosting account is a mobile home park. For a domain name to be visible for the world to see, it needs to be hosted somewhere. Like a mobile home, it must reside somewhere for people to see it. Whether in a mobile home park in Florida or in Alaska, it needs a place to sit.

Domain names can move between hosting companies but for it to be visible, it has to be somewhere. You can create a website for a domain, but if the domain name isn't connected to a host, nobody will see it. Now people have hosted their own domains on a server in their own homes, but it isn't advisable. If you lose power or if the server goes down, without some redundant servers to take over, the website will go down.

Step 3: Choose A Platform For Your Website

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