Book: How to Self-Publish your Books

Ever dreamed of authoring your own book

But didn’t know where to start or what to do when you were finished writing?  Then this book on self-publishing is right for you.

This complete guide teaches you the steps:

  • explanation of Kindle Direct Publishing, including how to sign up
  • finding profitable niches to write about
  • step-by-step process to write and format the book for print or digital copies
  • writing tips & tools to keep you organized and motivated
  • where to publish your book
  • how to do a book launch
  • 7 ways on how to scale your passive income around your book

Self-publishing doesn’t cost thousands of dollars or even hundreds of dollars.  There are many free tips, tools and resources that will get you to becoming a published author.

Other topics covered include:

  • how to create a killer title for your book
  • how to create or where to create your book covers
  • how to price your book
  • how to use social media to promote your book

This book will get you started on your path to creating a successful passive income stream by creating and selling books online.

Below is an excerpt from Chapter 2, subtopic, “Can the Book Become a Series?

When I started writing books, I used an Excel spreadsheet to keep my chapters and topics organized.  To someone who sees my spreadsheet for the first time, they might think, “What’s going on with this mess”?  But if you analyze the spreadsheet for a little while, you will see the method to my madness.

I use the first column for my chapter ideas.  I use the second column for subtopics for those chapters.  What I do is insert a row below my chapter name and then put a subtopic in.  If I have 5 subtopics to discuss for that chapter, I will have 5 rows below it.  Then I insert rows in-between the subtopics for my sentences.  Sometimes they are just phrases or a note or a link to a website, whatever I need to put there.  Once I get everything outlined, then I move to Word and start writing the book.

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By purchasing, How to Create & Sell Your Book Through Self-Publishing, you will have all the necessary tools to accomplish your dream of writing a book and as well learn how to build it into a passive income stream.

Not only see your work published, but see your published book working for you.