eBook Publishing 101

The Basics to eBook Publishing

July 8, 2016
I am in the process of putting together these services on eBook publishing 101.  It is a collection of webpages and blog posts within this site.  Mind you that this page and some of the other pages are a bit on the light-side, to put it bluntly.  It’s my work in progress as I finish up my eBook on this exact topic.  So why do a free website and write a book on it?  In the introduction to my book, I talk about how I had spent hours upon hours gathering information on how to write and publish an eBook.  So I didn’t want this information to go to waste so I’m sharing on this website that is about me but also about eBook publishing.

In here, you will find the tools, guides and tips to writing, publishing and marketing your first, second or tenth eBook with the ultimate goal of creating a passive income stream.

Step-by-step process to writing your eBook

I will be laying out the Step-by-step process to writing an eBook.  Some of the steps include:

  • I discuss how to research profitable niches for your next book idea
  • How to layout your chapters and content
  • Editing the final draft
  • Tips to writing a profitable title
  • Tips to creating awesome book covers
  • Writing tools to help you along the way
  • Motivational help to keep you on track
  • Help with deciding on your pen name

And if you aren’t interested in doing the writing yourself, I offer tips on:

How to Publish Your eBook

Getting your book published digitally for free using resources like Kindle Direct Publishing.  Now that you finished writing your eBook, let’s get it formatted correctly and publish it on Kindle Direct Publishing.  It’s a 13 step process, but a simple 13 step process.

Now that your eBook is Published, let’s Market it

How to effectively create a passive income stream from your eBook(s).  These steps start with:

  • 3 steps to launch your book properly
  • 6 ways to get reviews for your book
  • 6 resources to run your free promotion

Scaling up your business by:

  • Creating a website or blog for your book
  • Avenues to sell your book, even directly from your own site
  • Building an email list
  • Tying in affiliate marketing to your book
  • Cross promoting your book