How to Outsource a Book Cover that Grabs Attention

How to Outsource a Book Cover that Grabs Attention

If you aren’t proficient in Photoshop or other like programs, then you may have to outsource a book cover as the only alternative.  Below are some resources for outsourcing your book cover.

The book cover doesn’t sell your book.  The book cover’s job is to grab the potential reader’s attention so that they will pick up the book (physically or virtually) and look inside to see if the description of the book is as interesting as the cover.  So having a high quality book cover is very important to your book sales success.

In searching the internet for this outsourcing resource guide for finding places to outsource your book covers, a few websites came up.

Amazon’s Cover Creator
It is free to Amazon’s Cover Creator as a way to outsource a book cover.  You upload a picture or pick something from their gallery and then you can customize the book cover using various layouts and font options.  Here is a link to Amazon’s help topic Design with Cover Creator.
This website is comprised of many artists who upload sample book covers for you to browse.  You can customize your cover on the site to see how it will look.  Once you pick a cover, that cover can’t not be sold again.  Most covers are around $69.00.
Customizable, easy-to-use book cover templates for indie authors.  The site owner, Derek Murphy created the site to help authors create their own covers using templates in the program as well there are helpful articles and training video to guide you through the cover design.  He offers a free 40 minute video on 7 must have qualities for a book cover that sells.
Fiverr offers a vast amount of services, including book covers.  With gigs starting at $5.00, it is a pretty inexpensive way to get some work accomplished while you outsource a book cover.
A bit more expensive than, 99Designs also services indie publishers with book covers.  Multiple people work on your book cover and you get to pick and choose which ones you like.  They also offer a 100% money-back guarantee.
Another website like the above mentioned sites where you post your job and get people to offer their design ideas.  You get to set your budget, starting from $150 and they have a 100% money back guarantee.
This site is more of a DIY site for your cover.  It is a subscription site, however you can do 5 covers under their trial offer.

Hopefully this list of resources on How to Outsource a Book Cover helps you finalize your book and launch it to top of the best seller list.

If you are looking for resources for outsourcing the writing of your book or eBook, then you might be interested in my blog post, How to Outsource eBook Writing and Streamline Your Passive Income.

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