How to Outsource eBook Writing and Streamline Your Passive Income

How to Outsource eBook Writing and Streamline Your Passive Income

This how-to guide on How To Outsource eBook Writing and Streamline Your Passive Income is here for your benefit if you decide to outsource part or all of your eBook publishing goals.  To quickly grow your eBook publishing business, you will need to hire freelancers to do some of the work for you.  Whether in the form of book writers, researchers, blog posts or creating book covers, having a qualified and dependable list of people to turn to is extremely valuable.

Websites Offering Services to Outsource eBook Writing

The following websites are not listed in any order other than how I took down my notes.  Pricing varies greatly from site to site so make sure you do your homework before deciding on a freelance writer.
Upwork (formerly oDesk) handles big or small jobs and not just writing jobs, they handle web and mobile programming and graphic design work too.  You simply enter your job post and you will receive applications from independent professionals.  Payments are done per hour or per project, whichever way you choose to pay for the job.
Elance is really another Upwork company, their link redirects you to
You post your project on their website and freelancers will submit competitive bids for your project.  They have over 9 million registered freelancers on their site.
It’s a pay as you go service where you can find writers and editors for your eBooks.  They have a pricing calculator so you can quickly figure out how much something is going to cost you beforehand.
Most of their 80,000 freelance writers are based in the U.S., which means you will be getting high quality articles, blog posts and more.
Freelance Writer Search is a service of  the American Society of Journalists and Authors.  Their 1500 published writers handle work like books, blogs, articles, newsletters and more.
Use good old Craigslist to locate freelance writers in your area.  Make sure you get samples and references before agreeing to any jobs. and
If you read articles from these websites, look at the author bio, sometimes you will see the words “freelance” in the bio.  If you like what you see, you can check out their link or even Google their name.  If they are writing for one of these sites, they most likely have a website or LinkedIn account.  Which leads us to… and
Within your network of colleagues on, you may come across some writers.  If not you can ask for recommendations from people within your network.  Same with Twitter, using hashtags, you can search for authors.  Authors follow other authors, so you will find lots and lots of potential freelance writers.  But remember to do your research and due diligence before committing to any job.
There are Google groups associated to ghostwriters, freelance writers, etc. and with a little research, you might come across one that you will connect with.

By doing a little research, you may find the right fit for your writing needs when it comes to outsource eBook writing.

NOTE:  I have no affiliation to any of the resources on this web page.  I do not earn any monies from these sites nor am I responsible for any of the work produced by any of these resources.  This post is here for your reference. 

If you know of any other resources associated to outsourcing book writing, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I will gladly update this list.

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  1. As much as I like Freelancer, I think that the best freelance job board for outsourcing is XPlace. It doesn’t charge a commission, and there are a lot of opportunities. An excellent website to outsource!

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