Web Project Remey, Combines an Online Store and Website

Web Project Remey

Cultivating an HTML website and shopping cart software to make one seamless website.  In this Web Project Remey, the client was in dire need of a complete website make over.  The company has been around since 1921 so their internal sales functions were created before computers were around.  The extensive catalog of church products needed to be inputted into a shopping cart software package but at the same time, there was still a need for a traditional home page.

I wanted visitors to feel like they were seamlessly moving between the website and the shopping cart so I created the same headers in Photoshop and the same navigation using HTML and CSS.

Tools to Make this Web Project Remey


hosting domains web.comHosting Services are from Hosting, Domains, Web.com.  It’s a one-stop shop to get the domain, the hosting, the SSL certificate and the shopping cart all in one place.  Hosting services start at only $4.58 a month.  There is free 24/7 phone support and 99.9% uptime and money back guarantees.  To learn more about the hosting services at Hosting, Domains, Web.com go to http://www.hostingdomainsweb.com.

Shopping Cart Software

This robust shopping cart software makes creating an online store easy and looks great. I took advantage of the ton of product options within the software so that I could combine like products into one product with multiple options.

There are a ton of options to choose from including credit card processing, Google and eBay integration, shipping options, SEO tools and more.  Plans start at $9.99/month and include free hosting, you just need the domain, which you can also get at Hosting Domains Web.com.

Users can be created so that other people within an organization can handle orders or accounting or content management or a combination of different roles.

SSL Certificate

If you are going to have a stand alone shopping cart website, you must have an SSL Certificate.  The purpose of an SSL certificate is to ensure your visitors’ safety when it comes to internet purchases.  As a visitor inputs their credit card information, the SSL certificate enables a secure and encrypted connection between your server and your visitor.  Without the certificate and a secure connection, the visitor would get a warning message stating that the site isn’t secure and that their sensitive data maybe intercepted by third parties, which will cause the visitor, in most times, to terminate or not complete the transaction.

According to Google, SSL certificates also boost your page ranking over pages without an SSL certificate.  It’s not a huge boost, but for only $49.95 and the ensure the security of your visitors’ sensitive data, it’s a must for all eCommerce websites.  If you already have a website and hosting, you don’t have to purchase the SSL certificate from the same source.  Installation of an SSL certificate is an easy process.

The Web Project Remey will be an ongoing process as their business and catalog grows, so will their website.  Click to see the website for this Web Project Remey live.

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